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Overall Objective


The main objective of the Act is the Creation of an Interoperable Open Architecture System for Urban Transport Management and Environmental Impact Assessment. The above objective is fully in line with the general objective of Sustainable Development where the link between environmental protection and the transport sector is required, since transport is the largest pollutant producer. In 2001, the White Paper "European transport policy with a horizon of 2010: Time of Choice" highlighted the need to link transport policy to the environment by placing particular emphasis on the need to develop transport in a more sustainable way encourages the balanced use of all transport modes. This trend is reinforced through the Transport White Paper 2011 which promotes actions for a competitive low-emission and energy-efficient economy by 2050.

The specific objective of implementing the Act is directly related to the Thematic Objective of promoting low-carbon strategies in urban areas including sustainable multimodal urban mobility. Step2Smart's actions help reduce urban environmental footprint and promote public / multimodal transport through interventions with pilot projects / real-time traffic and traffic improvement applications for traffic conditions and emissions, prioritizing buses to nodes, the development of bus fleet management systems and information to attract passengers, the adaptation of light accordance with the current traffic etc.


Expected Outputs


Expected project outputs are divided into two categories: outputs related to pilot actions and dissemination activities. The outputs of pilot actions are:


Reduction of pollutants in traffic signaling and road arteries due to the implementation of advanced light-signaling systems

Reducing road journeys due to reduced delays at PS nodes and more efficient management of urban road transport.


Reducing Pollutant Emissions from Decreasing Pollutants and Delays by More Effectively Managing Urban Road Transport and Better Managing Light Traffic Signals.



through the installation of a bus fleet management system, joint passenger information and priority provision at PS nodes.


Better management of the city transport network through the development of management tools for monitoring and taking measures for urban transport by the competent authorities.


Raising public awareness on environmental issues through publicity and development of new communication channels.


Creating a cross-border framework between Greece and Cyprus for the implementation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Cities.